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Welcome To Primate Expertise

Welcome To Primate Expertise

Based in Democratic Republic of Congo, Primate Expertise is dedicated to research, education and conservation on non-human primate with initiatives of local communities. Primate expertise aims to inspire young generation to take the lead in primatology Currently partenerin with Wild Earth Allies, we are working in KBNP with its high altitude sector where we are strengthening Grauer's gorilla conservation with local communities around the park. Our work has tree main pillars programs:
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The overall objective of Primate Expertise is to promote conservation sustainability of non-human primates through education, research and outreach programs in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Our vision

Sustainable conservation of non-human primates is a priority concern in the Democratic Republic of Congo and is compatible with community development initiatives.


Establish a professional team of Primatologists studying non-human primates and suggesting holistic strategies to ensure their sustainable conservation while improving community livelihood among those living in proximity to their natural habitats

What we do

Grauer's gorilla conservation with local communities

We are doing research, conservation and education on non-human primates with communities living around the KBNP. New local universities are being created in the region, but very few teach wildlife-oriented courses and consequently very few young students are interested in wildlife sciences, including primatology. Due to this lack of interest, there is a great concern for the long-term survival of the rich and diverse non-human primate fauna of DR Congo.

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