Primate Expertise and Wild Earth Allies promote the production of traditional pots in villages around Kahuzi Biega National Park to strengthen Grauer’s gorilla conservation.

Primate Expertise's traditional pots

To strengthen the conservation of Grauer’s gorillas, Primate Expertise (PEx) partnering with Wild Earth Allies (WEA) involve local communities (Bantu and Batwa) adjacent Kahuzi Biega National Park (KBNP) in Grauer’s gorilla conservation. In addition to their direct participation in “Ape trees TM” planting at KBNP, their traditional knowledge is raised in producing traditional pots from banana pulp. The seedlings produced in our different nurseries are used by communities to restore degraded forest areas. By producing these pots from natural materials, communities benefiting from Primate Expertise ‘s actions are using ecological agricultural practices that preserve the soil while enhancing their traditional knowledge. For this month of October 2022, more than 9122 (nine thousand-one hundred and twenty-two) poquets have been produced thanks to a local communities (Batwa and Bantu) involved in restoration of degraded forest areas in and around KBNP.

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