Conservation science


Primate Expertise conservation science program contributes to strengthening grauer gorilla conservation at KBNP. This program implements a set of key activities focused on 3 main pillars: biomonitoring, anti-poaching and capacity building through training and equipping staff.

Currently, two conservation targets are being monitored by Primate Expertise in KBNP: Grauer’s gorilla « Gorilla beringei graueri » and the owl-headed monkey « Cercopithecus hamlyni », both of which are the most endangered species of primates in KBNP.

For the biomonitoring at KBNP, PEx uses quadrant and transect methods in combination with the camera trap installation in the kahuzi biega forest to identify other species sharing the same habitat as grauer gorilla at KBNP. Camera trap are installed in the forest and data are downloaded after 30 days each time by a team of researchers and rangers.

Images recorded by camera trap are analyzed and archived using the Camera Base software.
Up to now thousands of images are available, and their analysis has allowed us to list 48 animal species that sharing the same habitat as Grauer’s gorilla. The results of the analyses will provide park managers with useful information that can be capitalized on to guide management and conservation initiatives for the KBNP and its biodiversity.

Primatogues Primate Expertise

To enhance tourism in the KBNP, since May 2022 PEx WEA have been mobilizing funds for the habituation of two gorilla families (Mpungwe and Nabirembo) to human presence.